Appendix 2

Explorer Rules and Regulations

Introduction:   The Three Star Fire Department is responsible for providing quality fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical response, and rescue services to the Three Star Fire District and surrounding area 

All Explorers of the Three Star Fire Department are expected to be outstanding citizens of the community.  Even at times that a member is not in uniform, the member represents the Fire Department.  Morals and personal beliefs are taken into consideration during the membership process.  In short, a person that the normal, reasonable person would wish to mentor or emulate would be the perfect person for membership. 

The mission of this organization is to prevent fire through a systematic delivery service of education, fire prevention awareness, and proactive initiatives that focus on eliminating acts and/or practices that can cause fire.

Please keep in mind that this document is not an absolute nor is all-inclusive, but is in fact a guideline. Each incident is unique and good judgment must be used in providing the most effective, efficient and safe response/resolution. 

These rules and regulations cannot, nor are they expected to, provide a solution to every question or problem that may arise in an emergency situation. It is expected that they will cover, whether in a specific or general way, the obligations and duties of the Explorer member of the Three Star Fire Department.

These rules and regulations apply to all Explorer connected with the Three Star Fire Department.  Every member shall abide by these rules and regulations.


Job Description: 

As an Explorer, you will be a part of the Three Star Fire Department staff. You will also be able to assist in emergency scenes, outside fire evolutions and training events among with many other duties performed by qualified Firefighters, though on a limited and supervised basis. With this in mind, Three Star Fire Department will strive to provide a safe, learning environment and help promote leadership through the public service career approach. All training and knowledge acquired would also help instill a positive, moral induced lifestyle whether or not one chooses to stay in this selected field.

However, Explorers will only be allowed to assist at emergency scenes when under close supervision of a Department Fire Officer. Explorers shall never be allowed to participate in close proximity suppression activities including operating in a hazardous environment. Freelancing will not be tolerated and is subject for termination.

As an Explorer, you will only be allowed to use equipment such as SCBA, Extrication Tools and high powered cutting saws under close supervision and only in departmental training events.

You will be trained within the Department on subjects such as, but not limited to:


Explorers are only allowed to ride on responding apparatus with the approval of and in the company of a Department Fire Officer. Keep in mind that a Firefighter will ride on the apparatus first. Explorers will only ride on the apparatus when there is an available seat and when there are no other higher qualified Firefighters available.

Explorers are not authorized to use emergency warning equipment (i.e. lights or sirens) on their personal vehicles and are not to operate any vehicle in an emergency fashion under any circumstances. If lights and/or sirens are found on your personal vehicle, they will be removed and confiscated from you. Explorers must adhere to all traffic laws and control devices when traveling to fire department activities. Posted speed limit will be adhered to. Exceeding posted speed will be considered reckless driving and is subject to termination.

Explorers shall report to the station. Reporting directly to the scene will only be permitted under the authorization of the Incident Commander. If given permission to report directly to an emergency scene, Explorers will immediately report to the Incident Commander. The Incident Commander shall assign the Explorer to a Fire Officer who shall continuously monitor the activities. Reporting directly to an emergency scene without authorization is subject for termination.

All equipment issued to the Explorer remains the property of Three Star Fire Department and must be returned immediately upon termination or resignation of membership.

Keep in mind that while you are an Explorer, you are on probation until you reach the age of 18. At the age of 18, if you wish to continue with Three Star Fire Department, you will be promoted to the rank of Firefighter Recruit. While as an Explorer, you will be on Explorer probation and you will be issued a Three Star fire pager that only receives Three Star channel tones. This pager will allow you to monitor Three Star Fire traffic and will also be a source to contact you if needed. Keep in mind that this pager will not allow you to go on an emergency call. Explorers shall not carry fire department issued pagers or radios to school or church.

If there are more than four (4) Explorers on the Department at one time, one will be voted on by the Explorers and the officers of the Department to be move to the rank of Lieutenant within the Explorer Program. The Job will be a leadership role and you will assist in the training of new Explorer recruits.

Any conduct perceived to be objectionable or defamatory to the Department will be cause for immediate dismissal.  In the event dismissal is considered, it shall be the Fire Chief who will terminate membership following input from Fire Officers and Board members. 


All Explorers, male or female, will wear proper attire at all times while at Three Star Fire Department.

Male Explorers Ė Will wear a shirt at all times. Short pants are allowed but need to be knee length. No excessively baggy pants will be allowed or clothing depicting inappropriate phrases or comments. No swim shorts allowed. No long hair (below the collar) or full beards will be allowed.

Female Explorers - No low cut shirts or tank tops. Shorts are allowed but need to be knee length. No mini skirts or bathing suits. No clothing depicting inappropriate phrases or comments. Hair must be worn tied up with a hair band to eliminate snagging and/or fire hazards.

Sexual Harassment will not be tolerated at Three Star Fire Department. Anyone caught making sexual advances to the opposite sex or the same sex will be investigated and terminated. Sexual Harassment is described as unwanted advancements or contact, comments, gestures, etc. If you feel uncomfortable by anyone making inappropriate contact or comments, report this directly to the officer in charge immediately. An investigation will be performed and acted on appropriately. Three Star Fire Department does not promote or condone this type of activity and makes full effort to provide a safe, harassment free environment.


I will recognize the dignity and worth of my fellow members and will use fair play and good will in dealing with them.

I will endeavor to perfect my skills and to pursue new skills that will help me to become a better community servant.

I will strive to recognize the importance and honor of my profession.

I will conduct my personal and official life so as to inspire public confidence.

I will not allow personal gain or profit from being the object of my endeavors in whatever position I hold.

I will judge fellow members by standards I myself hold, and never jeopardize the safety of any fellow member.

I regard it as my duty to possess adequate knowledge to perform my job and avail myself to opportunities to learn more about my profession.

I will avoid alliances with persons or businesses whose goals are inconsistent with the performance of a firefighter.

I will never claim unjustly qualifications I do not possess.

I will share publicity equally with fellow members whether favorable or unfavorable.

I will bear constantly in mind that the truth is to be sought before the case is made, so that the stature to Tennessee firemen will be enhanced rather than tarnished.

I agree that parental discretion and judgment shall be top priority in any individual Explorerís activities and participation in Fire Department activities.

These rules and regulations are part of Three Star Fire Department to help you excel in this program and for your safety while at Three Star Fire Department.

I hereby have read and understand the rules and regulations of the Three Star Fire Department.  I understand if I do not follow the rules stated here I am subject for termination from the Three Star Fire Department Explorer Program


Three Star Fire Department


Rules & Regulations












This document will be kept in the Explorers personnel file for the duration of membership