Section I-1


All information and directives contained within the Three Star Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines and Training manual herein shall be consistently applied, unless ordered to the contrary by the Chief of the Department and/or in specific circumstances, by the Assistant Chief, Captain, Lieutenant, Safety Officer, Acting Officer, or other Incident Commander.  These guidelines will be employed at all times by all Three Star Fire Department personnel.


It is the responsibility of all Three Star Fire Department personnel to familiarize themselves with these guidelines and to employ these principles and practices whenever acting in the performance of their official duties.


It is the responsibility of all Three Star Fire Department Officers to supervise and command their subordinates within the guidelines and principles contained within these Operating Guidelines.


Periodic review and revision of policies and operational Guidelines is recognized as necessary.  Frequent review and updating of these Operating Guidelines is encouraged.


These Operating Guidelines cannot be expected to provide a solution to every question, problem, or scenario that may arise in an emergency service delivery system.  It is expected, however, that these guidelines will be sufficiently comprehensive to cover, either in a specific or general way, the majority of operational and administrative activities faced by the Three Star Fire Department.


The existence of these written guidelines is not intended to limit any member in the exercise of sound and mature judgment or initiative in taking the action a reasonable person would take in extraordinary situations that may arise in the fire service.  Much by necessity must be left to the training, experience, initiative, integrity, and discretion of the members of the Three Star Fire Department.