Section I-14

Attendance at Functions

Purpose:  To establish guidelines for Three Star Fire Department personnel to understand their obligation to maintain active status within the organization.

Scope:   This policy applies to all Three Star Fire Department personnel.  Three Star Fire Department and its supporting community invest a lot of trust, time, and money into their firefighters.  In return, they expect a quality service from Three Star Fire Department that will fit all their needs, as they need and when they need it. 

It is imperative that Three Star Fire Department provide its community Fire/Rescue/EMS services.  Three Star Fire Department can not perform its basic function without properly trained people, properly working equipment, or without funding.  We obtain these resources through a consistent presence at public activities, fund raisers, training, performing corrective and preventive maintenance, leadership and responding to emergency calls. 

It is important that we establish minimum requirements for each personnel in order to ensure we are properly training, representing, and responding to our communities needs, as well as, have enough personnel at each event to ensure a consistent presence and equal amount of help is available. 


Each person shall meet the following requirements:

  1. Must maintain state and department required training as described in Training Section VI.
  2. Must respond and participate to at least 15% of all emergency and non-emergency calls.
  3. Must participate in at least 25% of all fundraisers (BBQ, dinners, etc)
  4. Must participate in at least 25% of all work details (Fire hydrant testing and maintenance, fire hose testing and maintenance, house cleaning, etc)
  5. Must participate in at least 25% of all public relation events (parades, school events, festivals around the county, etc)
  6. Must participate in at least 70% of regularly schedule training sessions.
  7. Strongly encouraged to participate in all voting events
  8. Strongly encourage to increase mobility by attending off-site training opportunities when available.

Any personnel planning to miss a scheduled event shall notify their Lieutenant, Captain, Training Officer and/or Assistant Chief.