Section I-18

Privately Owned Vehicle Policy

Purpose:  To establish policy in the operation of Privately Owned Vehicle when responding to emergency calls.

Scope:   This policy is applicable to all Three Star personnel responding in their Privately Owned Vehicles to/from emergency calls.

As per Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 55-9-402(d)(1), active firefighters and officers of the Three Star Fire Department may use a siren and display a light for their private vehicle. 


1.      The Fire Chief must provide written authorization to each member PRIOR to installing any lights or sirens on privately owned vehicles.


2.      Permission to use lights and sirens will be at the discretion of the Fire Chief only after being an active member of Three Star Fire Department for at least 1 year.


3.      All personnel will attend VFIS Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) and prior to installing emergency devices.  


4.      Lights and siren may only be used when the Three Star Fire Department has been dispatched to an emergency incident.  See Section II-9 on the definition of emergency and non-emergency responses. 


5.      The lights and siren are a “courtesy,” and as such does not authorize the driver to violate any state or local laws or regulations when responding to an alarm.  Misuse or abuse of lights and siren will result in termination of the lights and siren privilege, and will likely result in disciplinary action from the Fire Chief.


  1. All personnel are required to operate their private vehicles in a safe and prudent manner when responding to/from the fire station for an alarm.


  1. Due regard to the State of Tennessee traffic laws and ordinances must be adhered to at all times when operating a private vehicle.  All privately owned vehicles will come to a complete stop at all intersections. 


  1. Emergency responses shall be made from locations within our fire management zone.  Excess speed from outside fire management zone to make an emergency response will not be tolerated and is strictly prohibited.


  1. With the exception of the Chief, Assistant Chief (Officers when coordinated) no Three Star Fire Department personnel are to respond to directly to an emergency incident in their personal vehicle without authorization from an officer.