Section I-19


Accident Reporting Policy


Purpose:  To establish policy for Emergency Apparatus involved in an accident. 


Scope:   This policy is applicable to all Three Star personnel involved in a motor vehicle accident in a Three Star Fire Department emergency apparatus.


Policy:  In the event that one of Three Star Fire Department emergency vehicles becomes involved in an accident while responding to/from an emergency call, work detail, training event, or social activity, the following actions will be adhered to:


A.     If responding to an emergency call, notify dispatch immediately and render the

responding apparatus out of service and to dispatch another unit or Fire Department.


B. The driver of a Fire Department vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident shall immediately assess the incident and call for the appropriate assistance. This includes the need for police, medical and fire service, towing assistance.


C. The driver shall take all necessary steps to secure the scene and render medical care to all victims.


D. The driver of a motor vehicle accident shall notify the Apparatus Lieutenant and both the Fire Chief and Assistant Chief immediately after, calling for appropriate assistance, rendering medical care and securing the scene.


E. The driver shall ensure that an accident report is conducted by a police agency and obtain a copy of the report.


F. The Driver shall complete an Vehicle Accident/Loss Investigation Report (See Appendix 6) prior to departing the fire station.  In the event that the Driver is unable to complete the reports, the supervisor and all Three Star Fire Department witnesses shall be responsible for the completion of the reports. These reports shall be submitted to the Chief for processing to Vice President for insurance purposes. This shall occur with 24 hours of an accident.


G. A review of all the necessary paper work shall be conducted for completeness and accuracy.