Section I-2


Chain of Command


All personnel within this Department will show proper respect to and promptly obey the Chain of Command, both during emergency incidents, departmental activities, and in regards to administrative matters.  Respect for the ranks of officers is essential for both administrative and operational efficiency.  All firefighters and officers are required to be familiar with the Incident Command System and to work within its parameters through the termination of all incidents. 


No firefighter, officer, or other member of the Three Star Fire Department shall initiate contact with the Governing Board collectively or individually, or with any other local, regional, State, or Federal officials with regard to any business or situation regarding the Three Star Fire Department unless they have advised the Chief through the chain of command.  If any member desires to discuss any Three Star Fire Department issues with the Governing Board (or with any other local, state, or federal officials), then he/she is duty bound and required to utilize the proper chain of command and advise and notify a superior officer or Chief first.  After the Chief is advised of the situation, the Chief will decide if the issue is appropriate for presentation to the Governing Board or other officials.  If the issue is of a personal or sensitive matter or involves officers, then the firefighter may consult directly with the Assistant Chief, however, the use of Chain of Command is encouraged.


In the event that no ranking officer is available, seniority according to membership shall be the determining factor in rank.  With the absence of a ranking officer, the Driver of the apparatus shall be the OIC, assuming that no other more senior firefighter is available.

All Firefighting personnel will be assigned a Company Officer or CO to report to. This shall be the first link in the chain of command, followed by the Assistant Chief, who oversees all personnel, and lastly the Chief.



Three Star Fire Department

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