Section I-5

Application Process


All prospective members must submit a complete application to the Fire Chief via the Recruiting Officer and have an active member of the Three Star Fire Department in good standing serve as a mentor.  The firefighter or officer acting as sponsor should know the applicant reasonably well and be prepared to speak on their behalf before the fire companyís monthly meeting.  If no known sponsor is available, each applicant may proceed in the application process.


In addition to below guidelines, the applicant must meet the minimum criteria to be considered for membership into the Three Star Fire Department and probationary firefighter status:


        Minimum age of 18

        Reside within the fire district of Three Star Fire Department (exceptions shall be awarded by the Chief).

        Physically and mentally capable to perform the duties of a firefighter.

        Complete an application form for review and approval by the Chief and command staff.

        Be of good moral character

        Must not be convicted of any felony charge

        Valid Driverís License

        Be a US Citizen or resident alien


The procedure for applying to become a Probationary Firefighter with the Three Star Fire Department is as follows:








At this point the applicant will become a Probationary Firefighter and will be issued copies of Three Star Fire Department Standard Operating Guidelines, By-Laws, and other items as determined by the Fire Chief.  Personal protective equipment, pager and Handheld radio will be issued at the discretion of the Fire Chief during the probationary period.