Section I-6


Conduct and Core Values


All Three Star Fire Department personnel are expected to conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner at all times.  The actions, appearance, and comments of personnel are a reflection of the entire Three Star Fire Department and may make a lasting impression in the minds of the public served.  It shall be embedded into our department that people are our most important asset.  While embracing this philosophy, Three Star Fire Department core values are: Professionalism, Pride, Integrity, Commitment, Compassion, Camaraderie, Concern, Caring and Tradition. 


In addition to above values, all personnel should be aware that anytime they are wearing their uniform or other Three Star Fire Department apparel they are seen as representatives of this department and county, and are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with Three Star Fire Department policies.  No Three Star Fire Department personnel shall corruptly use or attempt to use their official position, or any property or resource which may be within his trust, or perform their official duties, to secure a special privilege, benefit, or exemption for himself/herself or for others.