Section II-2

Personal Protective Equipment Policy


Purpose:  To provide policy on Personal Protective Equipment wear when responding to emergency calls.


Scope:   Each member of Three Star Fire Department required to perform fire, rescue, and EMS activities will be issued a complete set of structural firefighting clothing that meets or exceeds National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards.


Protective equipment for personnel will include protective turnout coat, bunker pants, gloves, boots, helmet, and flash hood, along with appropriate protective equipment for each EMS call (i.e. NIOSH approved respiratory mask, latex gloves, eye protection).  See Section II-7




It is the responsibility of every firefighter to wear and properly utilize Three Star Fire Department issued personal protective equipment (“PPE” or turnout gear) when engaged in firefighting, emergency, extrication, and/or training evolutions.  Personal Protective Equipment must be worn properly and in its entirety, as outlined below:


1.  Helmet, with eye protection in place.


2.  Turnout coat, which must be fully closed and secured with the collar in the up position.


3.  Department issued fire gloves.


4.  Bunker pants and boots.


5.  Protective hood, which must be properly worn with the base hem completely tucked under the coat and collar as to completely cover the neck.


It is the policy of the Three Star Fire Department that personnel involved in all phases of interior structural firefighting wear a complete set of PPE as outlined above (including SCBA).  This is to include the hood, which must be in place and properly worn.  Unless advised to the contrary by an Officer, Acting Officer, Chief, or other Incident Commander, the entire PPE “ensemble” must be worn.  All Three Star Fire Department personnel must wear full PPE, including SCBA, during any firefighting operation involving vehicles, dumpsters, rubbish, electricity, and other gas or odor investigation calls.


Full turnout gear, with attached face shields (eye protection) shall be worn when in the area of anyone operating power or hydraulic such equipment.  Personnel will wear a minimum of a helmet and a bunker coat or reflective vest when working in or near vehicle traffic.  If a rescue is in progress, those involved in the rescue or on hose lines will wear full protective clothing.  Personnel will make every effort to don the appropriate level of protective clothing prior to arrival on scene.


Active firefighters and all officers will be issued complete PPE, and are responsible for the care and upkeep of the equipment.  This includes cleaning turnout gear on a regular basis.  All PPE must be carefully inspected and cleaned following use.  Any missing, damaged, or inadequate PPE should be reported to an officer immediately, and if necessary taken out of service.  Requests for new or replacement PPE or for PPE repairs should be brought to the attention of the Assistant Chief.


All firefighters and officers will wear turnout coats and pants.  Chiefs will wear white helmets with their turnouts, while Lieutenants will wear red helmets indicating their rank.  All firefighters will wear black helmet; Probationary firefighters will be identified by yellow helmets. 


For calls that involve contact with bodily fluids (blood, vomits, feces, saliva, etc), PPE shall be properly cleaned immediately upon return and out of service until such time.  See Section IV-5 for Bloodborne Pathogen SOG.


Personal Protective Equipment is the property of Three Star Fire Department.  All PPE, including Pager, Handheld Radios, extrication gloves, and any other Three Star Fire Department property will be turned into the Assistant Chief.  The property will be identified in the computer system as being in the custody of Three Star Fire Department.