Section II-5

Accountability Policy

Purpose:    The purpose is to provide guidelines that enable Incident Commanders and other officers working within the guidelines of the Incident Command System to constantly and continually maintain awareness of all personnel of the Three Star Fire Department committed to or engaged in interior firefighting or other emergency operations. 

Scope:   These guidelines should facilitate the ability of Officers and Incident Commanders to account for the location of personnel at all times and to identify personnel who may have been injured or become disoriented while operating in a hazardous environment.


The following guidelines pertain to all Three Star Fire Department personnel when operating in an emergency situation that requires interior intervention by any member.

Each person will be issued a Personnel Accountability Card (PAC) upon full firefighter status and upon being issued turnout gear. 

While responding to the structure fire, every Three Star Fire Department firefighter must ensure they have his/her identification tag (PAC) on their person.  It is the responsibility of the Officers or Acting Officers to ensure each firefighter attaches their crew’s identification tag to the accountability board on each apparatus or hands the PAC to the Driver of each apparatus who will place them on PAC Board.

The PAC system enables the Incident Commander to keep an accountability of personnel on the scene as well as those entering a structure at a particular time.  The Incident Commander shall request the PAC board from the Driver of each apparatus at any time. 

Upon termination of the incident, the officer of each apparatus or driver, if designated, will distribute the tags back to all firefighters under their immediate supervision who responded with them on the apparatus.  It will be the responsibility of the Officer or Acting Officer to ensure that all tags have been retrieved.  If the Officer or Acting Officer discovers that a tag has not been retrieved by a firefighter or that any personnel are unaccounted for, then the Incident Commander or a Chief Officer must be immediately notified.

If any firefighter should lose or misplace his/her identification tag, then he/she must immediately notify the appropriate Officer for replacement.