Section III-15


Mutual Aid Guidelines


Purpose:  To establish apparatus and operation guidelines when responding to a request from another agency for Three Star Fire Department assistance.


Scope:   This policy applies to all personnel and apparatus when mutual aid is requested. The Three Star Fire Department will respond to assist other jurisdictions requesting support and or assistance when that request comes through Tipton County Central Dispatch.  The Fire Department or jurisdiction requesting the response will be in command at the emergency.  All responding Three Star personnel, however, will follow the orders and directions of the Officers of the Three Star Fire Department at mutual aid responses.  Senior officer responding shall coordinate directions from the agency requesting mutual aid.




Members of the Three Star Fire Department, except the Chief and Assistant Chief, are expressly prohibited from operating their personal vehicle to any mutual aid call unless directed by an officer.  As with other responses, all personnel must respond first to firestation and only then proceed to the incident with the appropriate Three Star Fire Department apparatus.  The Chief or their designee will select a crew to respond with the apparatus and they will also ensure that an appropriate number of firefighters remain within the Three Star Fire District.  The Chief or Assistant Chief may elect to transport additional firefighters to the mutual aid incident via privately owned vehicle.

The officer in charge will ascertain from Central Dispatch or the requesting agency Three Star Fire Department’s primary assignment for any mutual aid call.


Any mutual aid request will have the following response, depending on the availability of the Officers, and specific request being made:


1.      Chief or Assistant Chief, or


2.      Captain or Lieutenant in charge of responding apparatus.


3.      The crew assigned to respond.  The Chief or Assistant Chief, Lieutenant, or Acting Officer in charge may elect to assign personnel.


It is imperative, however, that if Three Star Fire Department is short of firefighters or apparatus, the Chief or senior officer should request a mutual aid standby for Three Star Fire district and that no more than fifty percent (50%) of the department leave the district.


Three Star Fire Department personnel shall not act outside of our normal mutual aid response or outside of duties as ordered by Officers, nor shall they act outside of the ICS at any time during a request for mutual aid.  All Three Star Fire personnel shall perform requested duties and nothing more without consent from the Officer/Acting Officer or the requesting agency.  If any Officer or Acting Officer observes personnel not originally assigned to respond at the mutual aid incident scene, then they should immediately order the firefighter(s) to return back to Three Star Fire district and then notify the Chain of Command.  Freelancing is strictly prohibited! 


Response Guidelines:  Officer in charge will ascertain from Central Dispatch or requesting agency what primary purpose our responding units will be utilized for, and determine what will respond according to purpose.


Structure Fire:   Tanker 31Brush Truck 3, Engine 31, Engine 33 


Vehicle Fire:  Engine 31,  Tanker 31


Brush, Trash Fire:  Brush Truck 3, Tanker 31


CO & Other Gas or “Odor” Calls:  Engine 31, Tanker 31


Power Line Incidents & Other Service Calls:  Brush Truck 3, Engine 31


Automobile Accidents (including extrication calls):  Rescue 3, Engine 33


EMS:  Brush Truck 3


Haz-Mat CallsEngine 33, Tanker 31


Requesting Mutual Aid Guidelines:  Request for Mutual Aid shall be made through Tipton County Central Dispatch when the Incident Commander/Lieutenant/Officer in Charge anticipates additional resources will be necessary. 


Mutual Aid requests should be requested immediately or automatically on any structure fire, extrication, hazardous materials spill(s), or whenever Three Star Fire Department personnel are not available (day time), or resources are anticipated to be exhausted.


At no time shall anyone disregard Mutual Aid dispatched by Central Dispatch until a complete scene size-up has been made and it is certain the situation can be handled by resources available at the scene.   When the Tipton County ambulance service, Munford or Covington Fire Department assistance is considered not needed, they may be disregarded at their own discretion.