Section III-16


Rapid Intervention Team


Purpose:  To establish guidelines for Three Star Fire Department personnel called upon to perform the demanding function of the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) in accordance with NFPA 1500, 6-5. To provide a minimum crew(s) of two (2) trained personnel to establish on the fire ground for the primary purpose of being readily available to initiate rescue in any incidents involving trapped, lost, missing, or disoriented firefighters.  To operate in the safest manner possible to rescue, remove, and resolve the firefighter(s) hazardous situation.


Scope: This guideline applies to any situation where a firefighter or group of firefighters find themselves in an IDLH environment (collapse, structure fires, major accidents, airplane crashes, hazardous materials situations, etc.) while operating on the fire grounds. It is not limited to structure fires.  These guidelines apply to all personnel operating on the fire ground as a RIT member.


The Incident Commander will call for mutual aid (if not already accomplished) for purposes of performing RIT operations.


The Incident Commander will call for Ambulance services.




The RIT shall:













When firefighters are located, the RIT shall: