Section VI-1

Training Requirements & Expectations

Continuous training is of the utmost importance.  The Officers of Three Star Fire Department will ensure that all personnel are adequately trained, utilizing the most proper and current training methods available.

As applicable, the Chief of the Department will appoint a minimum of one (1) Training Officer for the Three Star Fire Department.  This Officer should be of, or have been of, Command rank and meet requirements outlined in Section I-3.  It is suggested that the training officer be a State of Tennessee Certified Fire Service Instructor.  The Training Officer will conduct and/or coordinate training sessions with all Three Star Fire Department personnel in accordance with the training schedule promulgated by the Training Officer and approved by the Chief Officers of the Department.  The Training Officer and Chiefs are responsible for maintaining Three Star Fire Department training records.  If, in the opinion of the Chief or the Training Officer, additional training sessions are required, then they shall be scheduled.  This does not preclude Chiefs, Lieutenants, or other officers from providing training on an informal or “ad hoc” one-on-one basis.  The Training Officer will consult with the Chief of the Department as to training topics and priorities.

All Department personnel are encouraged to enroll in and complete Tipton County, State of Tennessee, and other relevant training courses offered by  local, regional, state, federal, or other appropriate training bodies and authorities.  Prior to enrolling in any training programs or courses, they must first obtain permission from the Chief.

In the absence of a Training Officer, the Assistant Chief will assume all duties and responsibilities.