Section VI-4

Driver Training & Requirements

Purpose:  Promulgate pre-requisites to qualify as an apparatus driver.  Emergency apparatus qualifications are listed in their entirety in Appendix 3.

Scope:   Applicable to all active members desiring to qualify as an apparatus driver.  The Fire Chiefs and the Training Officer are responsible for the quality of the training and the certification of apparatus drivers.  All officers are expected to qualify as well as participate in training events.


All Three Star Fire Department personnel are encouraged to become qualified as drivers within the first three years of membership.  Likewise, all qualified drivers are required to make themselves available for driver training periodically.  Prerequisites to become a qualified driver are as follows:

Apparatus qualification will begin with BT-3 and continue in the following order:  R-3, T-31, E-31 and E-32.  Candidates will complete, in its entirety, Appendix 3 before being considered qualified as a Driver. 

Pre-requisites:  These are only pre-requisites:  Qualification requirements are listed in their entirety in Appendix 3.

        Probationary period must be complete.

        Must have a record of safe and reasonable driving time using Driverís Log sheet.

        Must successfully complete Firefighting I/II (FF-100 & FF-200).

        Must successfully complete Introduction to Fire Department Pumpers FF-111.

        Must successfully complete State of Tennessee Emergency Vehicle Operators Course (EVOC)

When conducting driver training, the prospective driver and the driving instructor qualified on the specific apparatus must do all of the following: