Section VII-1

Weekly Apparatus & Equipment Checklists

Purpose:  To establish guidelines for weekly apparatus and equipment checklists to be implemented

Scope:  It is imperative that all apparatus and equipment remain in full operational and ready status at all times.  Weekly checks will assist Three Star Fire Department identify and take corrective actions on any malfunction prior to apparatus or equipment.


It is the responsibility of each designated Three Star Fire Department Apparatus Driver to ensure that all equipment on their assigned apparatus is checked weekly and that an apparatus maintenance form and checklist are properly completed.  Drivers are responsible for the overall upkeep and maintenance of their assigned apparatus.  The apparatus and the equipment on it are to be kept operationally ready and in perfect working order at all times.  Any deficiencies in equipment must be reported immediately to the assigned Apparatus Lieutenant and to the Fire Chief and immediately documented in the respective apparatus maintenance log.

Each Driver or his/her designee will be responsible for completing a weekly apparatus and equipment check list for the apparatus assigned to them. 

Individual equipment must be thoroughly inspected and examined immediately following each use.  If the equipment is not fully operational then that piece of equipment will be placed out of service.  It is the responsibility of the firefighter or Officer discovering the defective nature of the equipment to take it out of service and to notify both the assigned Lieutenant and the Chiefs, who will alert all firefighters.

Not inclusive, some of the operational checks include:

Three Star Fire Department equipment will not be loaned-out or removed from the apparatus by any member unless authorized in advance by the Chief.